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Not every car is created equal, and not every customer is the same.  So we have a couple different accessories to make your vehicle match you and your personality, to make it unique.  These optional add-on creature comforts are available with any vehicle purchased via New England Fleet Cars.


Window Vent shades:  $100.00

What is the one thing that annoys me more than anything else in the rain?  Opening my window to get some fresh air in the car, and getting a nice stream of water in on my power window controls.  How do I overcome this?  You can add a set of 4 AVS/Vent Shades on the vehicle to prevent water from introducing in the passenger compartment and be able to leave your windows cracked during the heaviest of downpours.


Carpet Installation:  $225.00

Let’s face it, HD rubber floors aren’t for everyone.  If you are looking for a little comfort in the flooring of you vehicle, this is the option for you.  The carpet is automotive, factory grade carpeting and has an integrated heel pad on the driver’s front.  Available in a variety of colors – you are bound to find a color that matches you.


Remote Start/Keyless Entry:  $299.00

While police cars are really reliable, fun to drive, and tough; one thing they are not is filled with creature conveniences.  Sooner or later, opening the door with the key all the time is going to get old.  Why not add a keyless entry & remote starter to not only make it easier to open the doors, but also pop the trunk remotely and start the car in the dead winter months.  The units have up to a 1,000 foot range, and carry a lifetime warranty.


Window Tint:  Starting at $250.00

Do you allow nosey neighbors to peer inside your house?  No, you pull the shades/blinds.  So why allow nosey driver’s to peer into your mobile domain; aka your car.  Window tint can be applied in whatever form you like, according to state laws.  We can tint the rear, or all the windows.  Tint carries a lifetime warranty and is installed by a local, certified professional.


Full Leather Interior:  Starting at $1,125.00

Well if you’re going to get all of the above, take it the rest of the way and add a leather interior?  Leather options include:

-         OEM Factory Color Match

-         Custom Two-Tones

-         Optional Embroidered Logos

-         Optional Colored Piping

-         Side Airbag approved

-         Limited Lifetime Warranty Department